Stuffed Buns

What started out as a simple brioche roll exploration, turned into these beautifully small batch crafted buns that are light and fluffy. Whether its a standard egg washed coated great for eating plain or making a one of a kind egg sandwiches, To our more unique selection of a potato, pretzel and chocolate chip cookie stuffed inside. We take a 3 ounce cookie and wrap the brioche dough and bake. We also bake a re-orchestrated snickerdoodle, and NY style Crumb cake topping also baked inside of our version of a brioche style roll, and lastly we have developed a crumb filled bun topped with  cinnamon-sugar topped,  It’s like a biting into a personal coffee cake. We use Texas Pure Milling Flour, Vital Farm Eggs. These buns use organic, local ( when available,) thoughtfully produced ingredients for your tasting pleasure.

Lifestyle Navigation and Consulting

Originally my thought was first my baked goods and confection company, after its closing in late 2008, it then was planned I would become a licensed therapist. That way I could work around my full time symptom management from treatments and the illness my mutation presented.
10 years later, I’m baking and consulting with people from all over looking for ways to create and live a satisfying lifestyle.

What I am doing?

This project might not make sense with providing baked goods and lifestyle management services, so let me explain.
Cooking and Baking are part of my wellness regime. Going through college and chemotherapy I would use my anxiety to cook and bake. There are only so many conversations one can have with themselves about the crazy turn your life takes when cancer enters the equation. I don’t have a PhD, or an MD after my name , yet I am someone who has been achieving while also living daily adapting to the ever changing state of my health. reality my rare mutation is terminal diagnosis for 11 years. I have days where my entire body moves with pain, there are days where going to the bathroom causes pain, and eating whether its solid food, junk food, smoothies, I have to manage pain. I know this sounds unbelievable insane way to live.
For those unaware having cancer enter your life is so hard to explain. Remember you were living before your diagnosis, well those dreams won’t go away. At least for me that didn’t happen. That’s why I’m here doing this. I have been successful in so many areas of my life, because of this critical situation I feel that the time has come to pass the gifts and knowledge I possess to make someone else’s journey a little easier.ell prospective customers more about your company and the services you offer here.  Replace this image with one more fitting to your business.

Aren’t these making you hungry?

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