The mind set of ‘every situation has a solution’ is an imprint of fact, my fear and terrible odds. Instead of sitting on the sidelines our founder Brian Kudler lives and breathes this mantra into every aspect of his life.

In his blog my fap story, Brian journals his personal experience of living with a mutation that will take his life prematurely.

It starts out the morning of his surgery and chronicled his first 4 years after surgery, going through chemotherapy, and facing the limitation of a cure, or remission for his particular situation. For most they would be overwhelmed even give up, not our Brian, instead he got married, went back to school for a degree, achieved his CHHC, a year long coaching program, while simultaneously tweaking his life to accommodate living with an incurable illness. His practice is a culmination of 16 years experimenting, mastering skills and behaviors that allow him to thrive 8 years after surgery and having 2 active cancers.

This person is remarkable to say the least.

So who better to learn from,

Whether it’s just getting better at cooking, maybe you want to change some of your quality of life sabotaging behaviors?

He offers standardized subscription based services, which include how to videos daily tips, a 12 week introspection integration program, to one on one life or health and wellness personal coaching.

Which consists of 6 month bi-weekly f2f or via video conferencing where the focus is solely on you.

All of this is confidential, private and truly one of the best comprehensive programs available.

What I Offer
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