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Who am I?

Hi. I’m Brian. When I was a 36-year old thriving and ambitious private natural foods chef and bakery owner, I learned that I had a rare genetic mutation in the APC gene. I have a soft tissue sarcoma growing from my superior mesenteric artery and I had thousands of pre-cancerous polyps in my colon, stomach and small bowel.  

As things progressed, one of my polyps turned to stage 2 cancer by the time it was detected. I had surgery that removed part of my colon (partial colectomy) which is a pretty standard treatment for colon cancer, but this surgery didn’t do anything to help the growing and infiltrated intra-abdominal desmoid tumor. Due to its size, and the organs it interferes with and has attached to, this can be fatal. We tried chemotherapy but instead of relief, I acquired high blood pressure and chronic sharp and penetrating pain on the right side of my abdomen. The tumor can easily be felt and it likes to press on things. This makes eating complex, to say the least.  And to further confound the issue, I was re-diagnosed with colon cancer. But now, eight years later, my health is too precarious for chemotherapy, and according to my doctor, would ultimately lessen my life and survival outcome.

After my diagnosis, my life has epitomized the proverbial curveball and I have been adjusting my swing ever since. I have a strong conviction on social justice issues. I believe that it is our responsibility to navigate our own course. I believe we have an obligation to ourselves and our communities to overcome obstacles rather than making excuses. And after living for 11 years with a terminal diagnosis, I believe we can all use a little help from time to time. I am the short-term benefactor of this project, yet its goal is to reach those who need it. Instead of complaining on the sidelines, I’m mustering all the energy I have to take action, not just for myself, but as part of a solution to help support those in need. If nothing else, this project starts the conversation that may lead to bigger changes in the way we live with cancer. Welcome. Thank you for being here.

I am a natural foods chef and baker. Some people might question my choices of ingredients especially when we have incomplete and disparate ideas of what may or may not be a “good” diet for someone with cancer. Certain foods like wheat flour, sugar and butter are taboo and demonized and not the first foods people think of when they think of trying to stave off or treat cancer through diet.  My education and practice in allopathic and alternative therapies is the reason I am still here. I was told in 2007 that this was a terminal situation. In 2010, my team of medical professionals believed I hadn’t much time, as a matter of fact it was highly unlikely I would make the 5 year benchmark colon cancer free. Still here 11 years later. 

Did I mention I am a CHHC- Ceritifed Holistic Health Coach, or that I hold a BA in Community and Human Services with a concentration in Wellness. Or that I have been fortunate to work with top nutrition medical professionals,  and one of the best TCM – Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors. Most recently I finished Michael Browns work The Presence Process. Everyone of these skills I have acquired have help extend and enjoy my long life of tremendous discomfort this rare mutation has bestowed upon me.

Shortly we will have forms you can fill out. For the interim please email me