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The CSP offers education to the public about living with cancer. We offer Lifestyle Coaching and mentoring programs, from Our Founder who is living with terminal cancer. Through these programs and selling Unique craft baked buns.  We aim to spotlight the financial-insecurities related to terminal cancer with the proceeds funding financial income supplement  for those living with terminal cancer.

All About the Buns

What I want to gain is the vitality to be able to take what I've been taught and make as much of it a sustainable lifestyle. I'm not hoping for a cure, but to be able to eat in a way that supports optimal health, I would be thrilled with just having the stamina to accomplish and literally eat that food.

Fortunately, I've managed the first part, I just need your help with the second, eat my food.

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The Cause

Survivors or those still in the trenches, who would like the opportunity to give back to our Central Texas community, here is your chance.

The latest reports are advising 1 in 6 women and 1 in 5 men will have cancer at least once in their lives.

We all know the impact of controlling our exposure to environmental toxins from the what we choose to clean our bodies, and homes.

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What I do...

Brian journals his personal experience of living with a mutation that will take his life prematurely.

Every situation has a solution

Instead of sitting on the sidelines our founder Brian Kudler lives and breathes this mantra into every aspect of his life.

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I’ve lived much Longer then Expected

After receiving my 2nd colon cancer diagnosis, My gastrointestinal doctor believed we would have more time for our patient provider relationship. I have surpassed these expectations yet it has financially ruined me.This past March I transitioned to financial-insecurity at the same time my health is in decline.

Unlike others who can just get a second job, or look for a more financially rewarding career, people in my situation are thwarted from such reality. Most people aren’t able to go and work, if they are on disability and you try to work, the government claims you won’t lose your benefits, what they fail to tell you is the mission is to discontinue benefits for anyone who works, no matter your diagnosis, even though working impacts your quality of life.


The Truth

The truth is, if your income is from entitlements your living below poverty. The average monthly expenses for basic necessities and transportation is at a minimum of $3000 a month.
This doesn’t include your increased medical expenses, the increase in number of doctor appointments, all of which are work prohibitive.

I don’t have the answers for changes to our policies, but I can advocate through my gifts of baking.